What Does an OBGYN Actually Do?

What Does an OBGYN Actually Do?

An OB/GYN stands as an abbreviation for obstetrician/gynecologist. An obstetrician is a physician who has had special training and education in the field of pregnancy, labor and in care for the time that follows immediately after childbirth. A gynecologist is a doctor who has had training and specialization in the health of the female reproductive system. Since both specialization processes mostly occur simultaneously, an OB/GYN is a physician specialist who provides services in both fields with a broader focus on sexual and reproductive health. There are many aspects of a woman`s health that an OB/GYN cares for, following are just a few of them:

  • Preventive health care.
    An ob-gyn can help you make the right choices in order to prevent health problems by conducting routine tests, checkups and immunizations in order to reveal any symptoms or infections and stop diseases in their early stage.
  • Pregnancy.
    Your ob-gyn will take complete care for your health in the prenatal period as well, it being a normal pregnancy or a high risk pregnancy. You can also consult about infertility issues with him and get informed about the available reproductive related surgeries.
  • Delivery.
    One of the specialties of ob-gyns is the actual act of delivering the baby, this is also one of the things that separates them from gynecologists who`s major care is the health of the female reproductive system.

How to choose the best ob-gyn

It is very important to identify and choose the best ob-gyn that will, in time, become your go-to doctor for your woman health issues. It is that more important when you are expecting a baby, so make sure you invest some time finding the right one.

-First of all, don`t forget to ask your friends and relatives and get some recommendations. Your girlfriends are bound to have had similar experiences and will surely give you a name or two.

-Next, do a bit of internet research. Seek for the practices that have the most experienced and specialized staff and have a bundle of women health services you can get at one place, you will find such a combination of qualities at Bedford Commons OBGYN.

-Another important thing in your research is to decide early in the process if you`d prefer for the ob-gyn to be male or female. If you in any way feel uncomfortable at the thought of an male physician examining your intimate parts, then make sure the provider you are about to choose has female ob-gyn in their staff.

-After narrowing your search down to a couple of ob-gyn, you can always schedule short interviews. This way you can find out additional information such as after work hours availability, insurance policies, examine if their communication style suits you and many other little thing that will eventually make it a lot easier for you to make the best choice.