The Top Three Best Shaving Brushes for Men

shaving brush for men

When it comes to getting the best shave, every man needs a top quality shaving brush to start the process. A strong-bristled brush not only raises the hairs for a closer shave, but allows for a smooth application of shaving cream with a fine finish. Most shaving brushes are made with badger hair. Badger hair works best for shaving brushes because it gives the texture, durability, and application quality that men want. There are a number of badger hair grades for the right shaving brush. Among the most popular are the Pure, Best, Silvertip, and and Super. These grades are offered for men depending on the sensitivity of their skin. However, these top three brushes work great on any man and skin type.

(1) Up first, and in no particular order, is the Escali Pure Badger Shaving Brush. This shaving brush is really amazing because its fibers hold water for the slick lathering of shaving cream that allows for a perfect shave. With 100 percent Badger hair, these bristles also exfoliate the skin while lathering, which keeps skin looking and feeling healthy.
(2) Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush makes the cut because of how efficient it works. 100 percent Badger hair, the Tweezerman exfoliates skin, raises hair, slicks hair with shaving cream with a rich process. This brush is not only comfortable to hold but feels amazingly soft against the skin, while at work. You don’t need to have the rough feel against the skin to get an exfoliation or application that you want. This brush does it all.
(3) The Parker Razor Safety Pure Badger Bristle Shaving Brush is pretty unique. Super easy to use, this brush holds moisture for the spreading of lather, has a gentle touch, but also can last for years of use with its own drying stand. It’s Pure Badger Bristles in such a large cluster really work to soften the hair for a close to skin shave.

Like the Parker Razor, it is extremely important that the cleansing of shaving brushes is properly demonstrated. This ensures you get the most use out of your brush, which can last for years. With Badger brushes, as they hold a large quantity of water for smooth shaving, they need to be drained after each use. The best way to drain your shaving brush is to have a brush stand like the Parker Razor. This brush stand lets the brush drain with its upside down hold, so it is clean and ready for the next use. Another way is to lay the brush down on its side in the bathroom and let the water evaporate accordingly. All of these brushes can be found in stores or through online sites.