Taking Up the Fight to Help an Addict Friend

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Convincing a spouse, family member or friend to kick out a drug habit is not easy. At first, the people you are trying to help may think that you are infringing on their personal space. Some will even tell you straight on your face to go mind your own business. Well, if the affected person was not one who is close to you, the story would have been different. Under the circumstances, you don’t want to give up the fight. Here are some strategies that you can make use of:

Do not appear to intimidate or threaten

Having gotten tired of living with an alcoholic, it might reach a point where you say enough is enough. This is when you confront a spouse or a member of the family and express your resentment or anger. You may even make an attempt to use force or try to manipulate the person to seek for help. This is tantamount to bullying and no adult will take it lightly. Substance abuse rehabilitation experts suggest that you try and be more supportive. Show genuine concern for the person. Otherwise, the alcoholic or drug addict will isolate himself, become depressed and take more drugs.

Assist the alcoholic on your own terms

It is true that a struggling drug addict needs help. As a friend or fellow family member, making an effort to assist could end up fostering the habit. Your help should only be limited to things that make him clean up the alcohol and remain sober. If the person is willing to check into a rehab center, that is okay. However, giving him money for a need that he has conjured up does not help in any way. The need might be there but you need no one to tell you where the money will end up. Be firm by insisting that your help is only hinged on paying for rehab treatment.

Let an addict confront denial

Like it is mentioned at the onset, you could be dealing with an addict who has refused to acknowledge the problem. There is so much you can do in order to help them see the reality of the situation. First of all, stop bailing them out financially. Refuse their request for money to buy food for their children. That would make him sink to the level of reality and think about what they are doing to themselves and those who care about them.

Motivate them to seek help

Once an addict reaches the point of acceptance, your battle is halfway won. This is the time you step in and encourage them to go for professional care. You can suggest a place such as The Palm Beach Institute. Work together and come up with timeframes when they can check in and embark on the rehabilitation program.