Shaving Tips For the Use Shaving Cream

ladies shaving

When it comes to shaving, there are some tips to remember whether you are a man or a woman.

Use Shaving Cream
Shaving cream is not just for making the area that is shaved smell good. It is used to soften the hair on the area. While the hair is soft, it is easier to shave compared to only using warm water and a razor. Shaving cream decreases razor burns as well.

Find the Perfect Razor
Avoid getting cheap razors. There is a reason why the razor is only a dollar. The blade might not be as sharp as more expensive ones, and the lubricating strip probably won’t last past one or two shaves. Try to find a razor that has a head that pivots in order to get around curves on the legs such as the knee and ankles as well as areas on the face. Make sure there is a thicker lubricating strip to decrease cuts that might occur on the legs, arms, face and bikini areas. Try several different kinds of razors to find the one that is comfortable.

Use a new razor or change the cartridge
The area shaved will not get smooth if the razor is dull or even rusty. Change the razor after about three uses. Women can probably get a better use from a man’s razor because they are for coarser and thicker hair. However, never use someone else’s razor because of the risk of Hepatitis C and other diseases transferred by blood.

Hair normally grows in a downward direction. To decrease the risk of nicks and razor burn, shave in an upward direction. When shaving the legs, start at the ankles and go to the thighs or as far as desired. However, the hair under the arms grows in multiple directions, so the direction will vary. Use a lotion or moisturizer after shaving to keep the skin from drying out.

My Shaving
When I shave, I try to do it in the bathtub. This makes it easy to use shaving cream and wash my legs. Only enough shaving cream is applied to the area to make the hair on my legs soft. I gently use the razor because if I use swift strokes, I normally have cuts on my legs. When shaving my arms, I apply a generous amount of shaving cream because I have sensitive skin. If only a small amount is used, then my skin tends to get irritated easily. One thing to remember is to rinse as soon as the area is shaved with clean, warm water, preferably in the shower and not the tub. Check the Art of Shaving for all the shaving related products.