How to Put Together the Perfect Men’s Shaving Kit


shavingThere are many items that can be included in a shaving set for men. Most men may think the only things needed in a shaving set are a razor and a can of foam. These can take care of the basics, but suppose you want to upgrade to the perfect shave?

To put together the best shaving set for men, there are certain types of products needed. The first type of product to look for are pre-shave products. Pre-shave products can be in various formulas. One handy product is an exfoliating scrub. A scrub will open your pores and get your skin nice and supple. Another item can be a pre-shave oil. Ideally made using natural oils such as sunflower or olive oil, this softens skin and facial hair for a close shave. Some oils will have an antibacterial agent to guard against breakouts.

You may want to use a shaving powder. One kind is a depilatory powder used to prevent ingrown hairs. Another kind of powder can be used to soften hair before the use of an electric razors.

Next you will want to use a lather as a protective barrier on your skin before shaving. Using a cream or a foam lather will moisturize your skin. This kind of formula will rinse very easily through your blade. The old, classic shaving soap is still used by many men today. Mixed in a shaving bowl and applied with a brush, shaving soap can sometimes dry your skin. Shave gels are becoming very popular. The downside to gels is that they clog pores and don’t always clean off of blades easily. To get a perfect lather try applying with a badger bristle brush. It exfoliates and lifts the hair, making it easier for a closer cut.

Now you can chose a razor. Disposable razors are cheap and easy to find. It may take a lot of trial and error to find a good quality disposable razor. Many men like to use reusable razors. Reusable razors with a double cartridge containing two to four blades give an extremely close shave. These razors cut on angle, so the hair can sometimes grow back with a curl leading to razor bumps or ingrown hair. Another choice in reusable razors is a double-edged safety razor. They don’t cut quite as close as a double cartridge so they cause less irritation. Long-lasting electric razors are convenient and fast. They don’t cut as close as a safety razor but they cause less irritation.
Post shave remember to use a balm or oil to moisturize your newly shaved skin.

You now have all the knowledge to put together the perfect shaving set for men.