Great Treats To Keep You Away From The Dentist

Food for your Teeth

No one likes to see the dentist. Not is it disconcerting for people to have piercingly loud drills shoved in their mouths, but is not fun waiting for the effects of Novocaine to wear off either. The threat of a visit to the dentist motivate people everywhere to brush their teeth every day. But dental hygiene is not the only piece in the puzzle of dental health. Diet is also important.

The types of foods people eat affects their health. This is especially true when it comes to dental health since food comes in direct contact with teeth. The typical dental physician stresses the importance of limiting the consumption of dental Kryptonites such as candy and carbonated beverages, but many fail to emphasize the importance of nature’s enamel antidotes.

Dairy products – particularly unsweetened varieties, do wonders for teeth. They are rich in enamel-strengthening minerals like calcium and phosphorous. Plus, they balance PH in the mouth, neutralizing acid and preventing bacteria from causing tooth decay. Dairy products are the perfect snack for stronger teeth because the naturally occurring sweetness from the lactose found in milk eliminates the need for artificial sweetening in foods like cheese, sour cream, milk, cream cheese, and heavy whipping cream.

Many herbs and flavor-enhancing foods are great for mouth health as well. Basil, onions, and garlic work like natural antibiotics to annihilate cavity-causing bacteria lurking in the hidden corners of the mouth. These tooth-saving ingredients add flavor to any dish.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will be happy to hear that fresh fruit is terrific for dental health. While fruits are high in sugar, they also contain high levels of water as well as vitamins and minerals, so their good outweighs the bad. Fruits increase saliva flow, which is the body’s first line of defense against cavities. Apples and pears are at the top of the list, and can help to whiten teeth as well as prevent cavities.

Crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery are also good for teeth. They require a long chew time which increases saliva flow. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus, fibrous foods act like tiny toothbrushes in the mouth, gently scrubbing away plaque.

Finally, pure, unadulterated water is probably the best natural compound for dental health. It rinses acid and bacteria from the tiny crevices between teeth. It hydrates the mouth and stimulates the flow of saliva. Water fights the worst enemy of dental health – a dry mouth.

An individual’s dental health is a good indication of his overall health. While a dental physician can fill holes, a healthy lifestyle is the only thing that can prevent them from occurring in the first place.