Getting Yourself Through Rehab

Getting Yourself Through Rehab

Most rehabilitated drug addicts will tell you how they had to fight tooth and nail in order to remain clean. There are many times when you so badly want to stop but other forces beyond your control keep pulling you back. Going for women’s drug rehab can be a scary experience. You sit and imagine being away from home, friends and the environment you are used to. If this is the first time you are going into rehab, there is also the fear of what you are going to find there. Are the doctors harsh? What will other people say? How will I deal with relapses? These are some of the concerns that could be going through your mind.

What a drug rehab offers

Drug rehabilitation centers are built in serene locations. The surroundings are quiet with trees and well tended lawns. In some places you will find swimming pools, gyms, spas and spaces for other recreational activities. In the course of treatment, you will encounter doctors, nurses, counselors and psychologists. The doctor will examine you, come up with a diagnosis and recommend treatment to flush out the substance from your bloodstream. Nurses are there to see to it that you take medication and carry out other instructions from doctors. On its part, the counseling team encourages you to talk about your problem through one-on-one or group sessions.

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms

This is another great fear most drug addicts face. Fortunately, the counseling teams at rehab centers help by empowering you with tips on how to deal with this. Usually, withdrawal comes when the body finds that the substance is no longer available. It sends a message to the brain which triggers a chain of reactions. If these are not dealt with comprehensively, you end up with a relapse. As an inpatient at the rehab, you will not be in a position to obtain a supply of your favorite drug. Besides, discussing your challenges and listening to other people’s experiences will help you scrape through.

The fear of being alone in an unfriendly place

This is unfounded as you will not be alone. At the rehab center, you will meet scores of people who have been struggling with problems similar to or worse than yours. On the other hand, there are friendly staffs who have received training on helping drug addicts recover. Under such an environment, you meet and bond with new people. The mere fact that there are other people going through the same challenges as you brings about consolation. It also makes you feel confident that you will overcome your tribulations.

You realize that the fears of going through rehab are unfounded. By learning what will be expected, you can prepare for the experience.