Getting Rid of Acne

Getting Rid of Acne

Getting Rid of AcneSo you find yourself with acne. Although I didn’t struggle with intense acne as a teen like most do, I do find my skin revolting against me and creating acne when I am stressed, which let’s face it, is most of the time now that I’m an adult. So how can you and I get rid of acne that does plague us? First of all, keep in mind that it is important to wash your face twice daily. Just like getting rid of a bad habit, consistency and a good routine can help rid your skin of acne.

Taking a few minutes to wash your face when you first get up in the morning, and then again right before bed is a great practice to get into in order to help your skin. Just like with brushing your teeth, you should take at least a minute to rub in your face cleanser when washing your face. Something that my husband does which works well for him is washing his face while he showers. You are washing the rest of your body so it is only natural to wash your face as well. If you are a woman, never ever go to bed with your makeup still on. I don’t care how tired you are, take the extra time to remove any and all makeup from your face before heading to bed. By leaving makeup on overnight you are increasing your risk of acne and in a sense asking for it. When looking for cleansers look for something that has benzoyl peroxide. It can help your skin to get rid of old skin, and help aid your skin in creating new and clean cells faster and more effectively.

However you want a product that has less than 3% of benzoyl peroxide because while it is great, too much can irritate your skin and you don’t want that. Similar to benzoyl peroxide, another good acid is salicylic acid. It also works to get rid of dead skin and promote new skin growth. You may notice that this particular product dries out your skin, but fear not because over time things will even out and your skin will be thanking you. Another great idea to getting rid of acne is using a retinoid. These types of cleansers contain high levels of Vitamin A which cleans out clogged pores and helps to dissolve away any grime that might be in the pores.

You can get a great prescription of a retinoid from your doctor. Chemical peels for acne are another great idea. This is a process you would do with a dermatologist. They first cleanse your skin, then apply a chemical solution to your skin and let it sit for at least 10 minutes sometimes more for a harsher or more intense chemical peel. Then they will clean off the solution and add some moisturizer to help neutralize your skin back to a good spot. These can be done once a month if you get a mild one, or once every 6-12 months for a more intense chemical peel.

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