Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

mediterranean food

is an exciting city filled with rich heritage and some of the best cultural experiences on the East Coast. While people travel to the city for a whole variety of reasons from business and career opportunities to tourism and collegiate aspirations, one thing is for certain the city has some of the best dining venues on the East Coast as well. Most people who travel to the city for business or pleasure often highlight how wonderful the experience of dining can be in the city. With a wide variety of restaurants to choose from visitors and residents can enjoy the cultures of the world at their doorstep. Some of the best and most prized cuisines of the city are Mediterranean and Italian fine dining. For people who are looking for Mediterranean food, Boston features a restaurant that captures the heart of Italian, Greek and Albanian cuisine at Vlora’s Fine Dining Restaurant.

For people who are looking for a light and delicate entree or a hearty zeal of a meal, there is nothing quite like Mediterranean food to offer the best of both worlds. While most people know some of the basics of Mediterranean food, a good restaurant that specializes in this type of food will often offer a wide variety of delicacies and exciting entree’s to tantalize the palate.

At Vlora, Boston’s premier Mediterranean Restaurant, there are plenty of wonderful entrees and appetizers for every type of discerning and not so discerning palate. We feature world class Mediterranean Gyro’s, Greek Salads, Fried Calamari, Spanakopita, and Chicken Shish Kabob’s as well as entrees like Stuffed Meatballs, Grilled Salmon, Roasted Half Chicken, Rib Eye Steak, Fettuccine con Pollo al Limone and Vegetable Lasagna.

Vlora’s seating capacity is expansive and we can accommodate up to 175 people in our Back Bay Restaurant. We also have wonderful outside dining that is a great place to relax and enjoy fair weathered spring, summer and fall afternoons and evenings. Located in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay area on lovely Boylston Street, our restaurant offers full dining facilities for private and special events as well as regular dining for any personal occasion.

The quaint and elegant restaurant is family owned and is named after the owner-Aldo Velaj’s hometown of Vlora, Albania. Our world class Executive Chef Mama Roza has compiled recipes from all around the Mediterranean with recipes inspired by the traditions of Albania, Greece and the classics of Southern Italy.

If you are looking for an excellent place for Mediterranean food, Boston has the best of the best at Vlora’s fine dining facility. In addition to regular lunch and dinner dining, we also offer a brunch menu every day until 4:00 pm that includes our chef’s great Mediterranean omelettes.