Common Eye Issues

Common Eye Issues

Common Eye IssuesAlthough you might not assume this can be the case, there are actually 11 common eye issues that individuals can face.

First, there is Presbyopia. This is when an individual cannot see close items clearly, or have trouble reading small printed text. This is a normal occurrence that happens typically when you turn 40. It can be corrected simply with eye glasses.

Second, there is Floaters. This is when an individual notices specks that cloud their vision slightly. This is more common to experience when you are in a well lit room or outside on a bright and sunny day. For the most part this is normal, but if you tend to notice an increase or worsening with your specks you may want to consult with your doctor.

Third, there is the common dry eyes. An individual’s eyes get dry when their tear glands cannot produce enough high quality tears. If you experience dry eyes you are aware that they can cause burning, itching, and be generally uncomfortable. Often doctors will recommend the use of eye drops to help lubricate your eyes.

Fourth, there is tearing. Sometimes individuals might find that their eyes water or tear up frequently due to light sensitivity, wind or even temperature changes. If it isn’t too bad, sometimes simply wearing sunglasses as a protection can help to solve the problem. If you feel that you are abnormally tearing up, perhaps consult your doctor to see if it is a result of something more serious such as an eye infection.

Fifth, another common eye issue is cataracts. These are cloudy areas that develop within your eye particularly in the eye lens. The cloudiness makes light trying to enter the eye have difficulty getting through so vision is blurred. Cataracts are often formed slowly over time, and rarely cause side effects as they are forming so you might not even realize what is happening. Once these cataracts become large enough they can be removed via surgery. One place to professionally have cataracts removed is Hoopes Vision.

Sixth, you have probably heard of Glaucoma. This is a typical and progressive deterioration of the optic nerve in your eye. It will also cause an increase of pressure within the eye. It is important to understand that this eye problem is less common than some of the others we have already been discussing. It can be caused from injury to the eye, an eye infection, blockage of blood vessels, or even some inflammatory disorders that the eye can face. Rarely are there early symptoms so it is important to get your eyes checked out regularly, typically on a yearly basis.

Finally, you can even have eyelid problems. Although you might not think too highly of your eyelids, they do have some important functions. They protect the eye, distribute tears, and help to limit the amount of light that enters the eye to help protect it. Sometimes problems eyelids get are: pain, itching, tearing, drooping, blinking spasms or even inflamed outer edges. So whatever it is you may be facing regarding eye issues, it is important to get to your doctor right away.