Choosing The Right Seafood Meal For You

i2Seafood is an ancient source of nutrition. For centuries, people all over the world have taken to streams, lakes and oceans as a means of feeding themselves. Today, we can do the same. We are lucky enough to have access to lots of fabulous high quality seafood even when we live nowhere near a water source. This makes it easier than ever to create a healthy seafood meal right at home. Many people are delighted to find they have much to choose from when looking at possible seafood choices. The kind of seafood that makes sense for you depends on your personal tastes and favorite flavor profiles.


Halibut is a highly popular seafood fish eaten in many places where it is plentiful. This fish is typically caught fresh and then brought to a store only a short time later. Halibut has a firm texture that marries well with all kinds of herbs and various seasoning such as pepper. Try making halibut steamed in lemon with onions and potatoes for a main course or halibut cheeks marinated in soy and other Asian flavors for an ideal appetizer.


Another highly popular fish choice that is widely available is salmon. Salmon can be smoked to create lox that can be placed on top of cream cheese and bagels for a classic New York City style breakfast or a quick, tasty, easy snack. Throw on some capers for even more flavor.


Clams are found in many parts of the world, making them one of the world’s most beloved seafood choices. Fry up clams for a taste of the shore right in your own home. Steamed clams can also be served plain with a side of tartar sauce for a summer ocean party.


Many people love the understated taste of shrimp. Shrimp can easily peeled or just bought without shells. Small shrimp work well in a salad with a bit of celery and dill. Large shrimp make the ideal splurge for a special meal such as an anniversary or a particularly luxurious evening meal. Grill them on skewers for a quick treat.


Perhaps the most costly of all seafood, lobster makes a very special treat. Live lobsters are now available in many supermarkets. You can bring it home and then plunge it into a pot of boiling water. Drain quickly after a few minutes of boiling. Serve with melted butter right from the shell for a wonderful meal. The leftover shells can be used to create a stock that can serve as the base for lobster bisque.