Are Massages Really That Beneficial?

relaxing massage

If you are anything like me you absolutely love massages. They seriously are one of my favorite things on the planet.  I’m sure my husband is annoyed that I ask him for one practically every night. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like getting a massage is the only thing that will sort of relax me and help me to de-stress. I carry around so much stress and anxiety that my back is constantly in knots. Depending on what you are trying to target with your massage there are many different kinds. There is neuromuscular therapy massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, chair massage, shiatsu massage, thai massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, or even a pregnancy massage. That’s all fine and dandy, but what are the benefits of massage?

First, one benefit of massage is that it promotes deeper breathing. This is vital in order to make sure oxygen is flowing through your body effectively. If you have poor oxygen you can experience headaches, tension aches and even random muscle pain. By focusing on getting better oxygen flow throughout your body you can help aid your body in releasing negative toxins.       Second, another benefit of massage is that it enhances a calm mind. By having a calm mind, an individual is able to foster more creativity, develop plans, organize thoughts, and reduce stress. Massage is able to enhance a calmer mind by relaxing the entire body of muscles. I know I for one love this benefit of massage.

Third, a great benefit of massage is that it can help to reduce anxiety. As someone who is diagnosed with high anxiety disorder, I love that getting a massage helps to slow down my racing mind. It is well known that anxiety is typically stored in the lower back, shoulders, abdomen and neck. This is true with me, I store great anxiety and stress in my lower back and shoulders for sure. By getting a massage, specifically in those areas, the mind can experience a sense of freeing. The tension can almost melt away for a time.

Fourth, a great benefit of massage is that is can create a more heightened sense of mental alertness. Yes it is true that massages serve as a means of relaxation, but it can also give you mental alertness. Although your mind is calm, it is still acutely aware and it is in this state it can solve the toughest of problems.

A fifth and final benefit of massage is that it satisfies the need for human touch. As humans, it is natural for us to crave the touch of another human being. This touch can range from handshakes, to hugs, to more of a nurturing touch given the relationship between the individuals. Getting a massage gives people this sense of nurturing touch as muscles are being relaxed.

Now that we know some top benefits of massage where can we go to get one? Massage Indianapolis is just the place. They can help you find the right massage for you. Even though massages can be a little pricey it is a great way to help relieve your body of stress and negative toxins so in my mind, it is well worth the cost!