5 Reasons to go Natural


natural_foodsHave you ever considered a natural alternative to commercially grown foods that often contain harmful chemicals? Are you curious how a diet of naturally grown foods could promote sustainability and help preserve our planet? Unfortunately, many food production processes are unnatural, detrimental to ecosystems, and produce an inferior product to consumers. Luckily, natural and delicious alternatives are becoming more and more readily available in grocery stores everywhere. As Thanksgiving approaches, many families are planning their menus to share with friends and loved ones. Of course, the turkey and dressing is centerpiece to this tradition. Once you taste natural turkey, you will understand why so many people are opting out of commercially grown poultry and springing for this delicious organic option instead.
Here is a list of five incentives to eat natural turkey.

Additive Sensitivities

Many people have sensitivities to additives in commercial foods. If you choose naturally grown meats, you can be assured they won’t contain ingredients such as emulsifiers, modified food starches, and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Many people react unfavorably to these additives, especially chemicals like BHA/BHT, which are intended to keep fat in meats from going rancid. These (and many other common meat additives) have been known to induce symptoms such as headaches, nausea, depression, anxiety, and chronic inflammation leading to serious diseases in some people. Sucrose and corn syrup are often added to poultry as flavor agents to sweeten the meat. However, like the additives mentioned above, corn syrup is highly processed and sucrose is a concentrated component of many natural sugars. Chronic consumption of concentrated sugars can lead to long term health problems like type two diabetes.

Natural Meat Tastes Better

When anything is mass produced in the cheapest way possible, value is often compromised. This principle also applies to food. When poultry is fed a natural diet and allowed to live outside as nature intended, their bodies flourish and deliver superior quality meat in comparison to caged birds.

Sustainable Practices

Natural farms are known to be more sustainable than commercial factory farming, which produces mass waste and is detrimental to the environment. Because natural farms use more natural methods to care for their livestock, there is less noxious waste to contend with, and thus have a lesser impact on the environment.

Natural Foods are Safer to Consume

Harmful chemicals are often used in today’s food production, such as toxic pesticides on produce. A recent study found that birds kept on commercial farms were 60% more likely to die while on the farm due to the toxicity of their food. Their diet contained pesticides and arsenic, which led to fatal complications. That doesn’t sound very safe for humans to ingest, either.

Avoiding Antibiotics and Synthetic Hormones

Some animals on farms are fed hormones to force their bodies to grow larger, faster. This has an adverse affect, straining their bodies to the point that they can develop serious health and reproductive issues, forcing them to rely on antibiotics to stay alive. Healthy turkeys produce healthier meat!